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Sir Tenevus Stromheart / Dec 19, 2015
IMPORTANT UPDATE: just wanted to inform your guys on some important matters. Firstly, given the rather ragged status of my guild and its low attendance, I will be retiring it for the time being, which will also include postponing the CoU until after the holidays where I can do a better assessment, but work and other real life affairs have made it nearly impossible to devote any considerable time for my guild and even the CoU, so tonight's event is cancelled, and I'll be going around over the holiday week, seeking out RP so that it is given a proper IC reason for its temporary postponement. What I may do is make it a monthly affair which will be much more 'doable'. Other than my new lifestyle change, I find it rather challenging to emotionally be on WoW for a few reasons I'll not go into, but I thank you all for your patience if you offer it during this transitional period. I'd like to note this is not a disbandment, but a 'break' while things can be better addressed and I can get over this changes in my life as well.

With that said, I'll not or ever be disbanding the guild and if people would like to stay for propriety's sake, feel free to continue to enjoy whatever amenities the guild still has to offer. I will still be around, though not in any quantifiable amount worthy of maintaining the guild.

I will be giving it all a full re-assessment at the start of 2016 as to whether or not the guild will be permanently retired or can find a suitable and -trustworthy- (keyword) leader to hand the reigns over that will do it justice (but the latter is rather unlikely.)

Esarus thar no'Darador

Casey AKA Stromheart