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Sir Tenevus Stromheart / Dec 19, 2015
IMPORTANT UPDATE: just wanted to inform your guys on some important matters. Firstly, given the rather ragged status of my guild and its low attendance, I will be retiring it for the time being, which will also include postponing the CoU until after the holidays where I can do a better assessment, but work and other real life affairs have made it nearly impossible to devote any considerable time for my guild and even the CoU, so tonight's event is cancelled, and I'll be going around over the holiday week, seeking out RP so that it is given a proper IC reason for its temporary postponement. What I may do is make it a monthly affair which will be much more 'doable'. Other than my new lifestyle change, I find it rather challenging to emotionally be on WoW for a few reasons I'll not go into, but I thank you all for your patience if you offer it during this transitional period. I'd like to note this is not a disbandment, but a 'break' while things can be better addressed and I can get over this changes in my life as well.

With that said, I'll not or ever be disbanding the guild and if people would like to stay for propriety's sake, feel free to continue to enjoy whatever amenities the guild still has to offer. I will still be around, though not in any quantifiable amount worthy of maintaining the guild.

I will be giving it all a full re-assessment at the start of 2016 as to whether or not the guild will be permanently retired or can find a suitable and -trustworthy- (keyword) leader to hand the reigns over that will do it justice (but the latter is rather unlikely.)

Esarus thar no'Darador

Casey AKA Stromheart
Sir Tenevus Stromheart / Dec 07, 2015
Important Matters and Updates

Hello Silver Hand, and thank you for taking the time to read this. I wished to take a moment and inform those members, new or old, that might have some serious concerns and questions regarding the status of the guild and perhaps a bit of insight into the reason why things are the way they are.

For those of you that may not know, this guild recently suffered a rather substantial falling out during the early days of October, taking with them not only many of our once devoted and loyal player base, but much of the intellectual property and value that we once harboured as our own.

Now, I'd like to add, that such things are common in guilds and it should be said that in no way does this mark the end of the Silver Hand Chapter. While, I'll admit, these are dark times for our guild at the advent of our three year anniversary, it is in no means the death of the many years and tears poured into this fine guild.

However, it cannot be stated that we are, in any means, doing 'well' and must come to the hard realisation that the guild, one that has come so far and overcome outrageous odds, must adapt if it wishes to see another year on Moon Guard.

For those that have persisted, including many of our new additions, I thank you for your loyalty and faith in the guild and what it means for the sake of the Silver Hand RP on Moon Guard that we have pioneered since the guild's inception in late 2012. Things will need to change if this is to ever again be the case.

What does this mean for my character?

It means very little for the IC aspects of your character. The OOC status of the guild truly shouldn't make an effect on what you do with your character. Unlike many others, if you're able to manage a healthy separation between IC and OOC, the guild and its environment should continue to foster peaceful internal RP.

People are telling me the guild is dead and that I should join another guild. Help!

Over the course of several years, with anything, the guild, and myself have gathered a wide variety of reputations, some positive, and some negative. However, one thing is clear, that opinions made OOC regarding the guild and its members aren't any reflection on the RP that has existed behind its walls for nearly three years and are often merely means of harassment and bullying from those that seek only to see the guild in disarray, one of the unfortunate side effects of having a guild on Moon Guard. I can only suggest, when faced with such external pressures, one reminds themselves of the true nature of RP and know that the Silver Hand Chapter, despite its stunted state, is not 'dead' and nor is anyone a 'bad' or 'misinformed' person for having selected the SHC as their reputable home.

Why haven't you been active, Strom? When's the RP going to start! Urgh!

I understand everyone's frustrations and indeed, I have been rather busy, between the power supply to my computer dying, a recent sloppy and petty breakup (which trickled over into the game atmosphere) and a new, demanding career path. However, these things are temporary and for what it's worth, I'll be making sure to change this with a new campaign in the works which will be outlined at the end of this article.

What is Court of Uther? Why am I being told it's disbanded and reformed?

The Court of Uther is an interguild judicial establishment of various chapters of the order that work towards bringing a paladin community together outside of the IC church fanon that has been established on the Moon Guard server. You have have heard of allegations from others once apart of the Court that it has been 'disbanded' or 'reformed' but I'd like to clarify, that these are lies perpetrated via OOC unrest, rather than actual, respectable RP. Any statement regarding the Court of Uther (of which the SHC holds a chair on) outside the reality of its current state, which is one of persistence and continued unity, is sadly a side-effect of childish behavior over OOC dispute and should be considered false, if not also illicit.


So what is going to be done in moving forward?

-Making the guild more insular: We currently stress too much on recruitment and too less about content. We will be making a shift to ensure this is rectified.

-More GM activity: I'll admit, I've not been around enough, you lot deserve my attention at least. This will change.

-More OOC social events. Cards against humanity, drinking games (21+) etc.

-New immersive RP campaign to be released December 2015

And of course, we're always taking suggestions. If you see something that doesn't seem right or you'd like to run an event, speak up. I'm always willing to accommodate. :D

The information regarding the new campaign will come soon and will go to incorporate as many willing and able members of the guild as possible. May we all move past these dark times into a brighter future.

I am always able to answer any burning questions you might have regarding any of what has been posted her.


Sveela / Jun 12, 2015

"The smoke has cleared in the city of Light. Through strife and tribulation the Silver Hand and it's allies have claimed victory in a holy Crusade to liberate the Draenic people. Although it has taken much time and effort the valiant crusaders have finally begun making their way home for some well earned and most certainly deserved rest.

Through the gates of Stormwind they marched, admiring the the looming statue of General Turalyon himself whom in a similar undertaking charged forth fearlessly into the maw of a great portal to defend what he held dear.

Through tenacity and honor the Stormwind Arch-Chapter has returned victorious, ready to continue their perpetual mission to protect and serve the Light and the Grand Alliance."

Out of Character

Greetings members of the SHC!

We have done it! We have liberated the city of Shattrath with our allies and now we return home victors, yet with even that prospect fresh in our minds we are far from done. The Silver Hand is going through a metamorphosis in many ways. Our officer core has many big things planned to help ensure not only you are getting the best quality available on Moon Guard, but also that you are getting material that will help embellish your roleplay and feel a part of the team!

A few of the new changes that we've made include:

-A new forum format

-An updated Guild Hierarchy

-A brand new Aspirant's Handbook as well as general information on being an aspirant

We hope to produce an entire series of handbooks in regards to each position within the chapter including: The novitiate, the Knight, and the Chaplain! Keep your eyes out for that!

Beyond that we are back in Stormwind for the time being! Please enjoy some roleplaying and recuperating. We have a lot of things planned; the future is looking bright.

Esarus thar no'Darador!
Sir Tenevus Stromheart / Apr 13, 2015
Hello and good tidings, if you are reading this, then you are likely getting prepared for what will be the Silver Hand Chapter's involvement in the interguild campaign: The Crusade for Shattrath.

What sort of things should I know before I get involved?

-Backstory: In aid of the Silver Hand's Draenei friends across Draenor including, but not limited to, Te Amun and the Aldorei, the Grand Master has decreed, through aid of the Court of Uther and allies, to bring crusade against the evil forced occupying Shattrath and to return the City of Light to its former glory.

-Launch date: April 17th 9PM server time

-Campaign length: April 17th through the completion of the point requirements. Estimated time: two-three weeks.

-Point system: The City of Shattrath will be broken into several parts. A 'headquarters' (Spire of Light) and three combat districts controlled by different adversaries in each. Each region, as indicated on the map below, will require a certain amount of points to complete and conquer the zone. Points are allocated for successful RP/Roll-RP/RP-PVP events which vary with flexible attendance. Completion of all zones and points will result in a success for the campaign.

-What Can I do to get involved?: Seek out the officers of the Silver Hand Chapter. We are always taking campaign quest ideas as well as looking for competent DMs willing to try their mettle in providing quality content to our guild mates and allies.

-Battle Map:

There will be MUCH more information to come in the coming days and even past the initial launch. We look forward to the entire Silver Hand riding gloriously into battle for the liberation of this city! Esarus thar no'Darador!
Sir Tenevus Stromheart / Apr 01, 2015
SPRING FEVER has come to the Silver Hand and with it, a new prospect on the horizon! After bringing justice and peace to the Alliance and securing a name for the once illustrious Silver Hand, and with there being no more evil in the world of Azeroth, it has come time to avert all the love and light once directed at our foes to be directed to the bed chambers of Goldshire, bringing quality, low-cost, adult entertainment to the good and aroused clientele! Come, bring your silver coins and drag up a chair to see the hottest men and women of the Light shake their STUFF AT STROM'S HAREM!


-New Guild NAME: The Silver Harem Chapter

-New Guild Hub: Goldshire

-New appropriated tabard!

-Interactive HOT Clientele list

-PRIVATE one on one sessions for Council of Bishops VIP LOUNGE

Sir Tenevus Stromheart / Jan 25, 2015
You come across a bulletin within a weekly newsletter sent to those within the Church and Silver Hand. Within it, you notice a rather loud and commanding job listing in the back.

WHEN evils lurks within the shadows, when it cowers covered int he night, when the wicked ones plot and defile from within our own, there are few equipped to handle such rigors, such worthy demands to ensure the safety of the people.

With the increase of rumours of espionage form within the church and the Silver Hand, the Grand Master of Stormwind has decreed the need for a new 'Grand Inquisitor' of the Order to be tasked with upholding spirituality within its and the church's ranks, as well as its alleged faithful during these dark times.

If -you- believe you have the merit to fulfill such a dutiful task, you must seek out an application within the Silver Hand's offices. Proper candidates will have a follow up with the Grand Master to discuss the future of internal affairs.

Disclaimer: This listing is only eligible for knighted members of the Silver Hand and those priests whom have been recognised by the Holy Mother Church.


APPLICATIONS close on the FIRST of February. So interested parties must be wary for the option will likely not arise again! Good luck!))
Sir Tenevus Stromheart / Jan 05, 2015
((Just a short OOC notice to update our situation.))

The SHC has been, for the past two months, situated in Shadowmoon by way of Karabor. We have stood defiant against the orcs that would enslave us, arose valiantly beside our allies in their efforts, and have rescued our Grand Master. But the threats in Shadowmoon are not at its end.

-Priestly vocational efforts in Elodor
-Assault on Socrethar's Rise
-Scouting the border of Talador

These are the present affairs of the Silver Hand. If one desires to aid in any of them, do contact the officer core to be informed on whom is leading them.

Once we finish these events, the Silver Hand shall march on Talador and liberate it from its evils.
Sir Tenevus Stromheart / Oct 12, 2014
*A sealed parchment makes its way to the officials and knights of the Order, signed by the Grand Master*

Effective immediately,

The Silver Hand is to station within Nethergarde Keep as soon as available. An illegal Horde blockade has anchored itself along the coast and must be beaten back. We have been given order by His Majesty and will be dispatched until we can properly resume the efforts against the Forsaken in the north. Those presently engaged in high-level affairs are pardoned from this order at Sir John's request, but the remainder of the Order must report to the Keep no later than the twelfth of October.

Blood and Honor,

Grand Master Tenevus Stromheart